Fastrack offers a very broad range of metallurgical process design options that will reduce risk, enhance value and maximize return.

With over 70 years experience and a truly global presence, Fastrack has earned the reputation as the leading supplier of proven, technologically advanced metallurgical services. We will provide the optimal, environmentally sustainable flowsheet for your operations.

The major activities of Fastrack’s mineral processing, metallurgy and process design experts include:

  • Process and flowsheet development for recovery and purification of pay metals
  • Confirmation of selected flowsheet through hydrometallurgical pilot plant testing program
  • Geometallurgy programs featuring advanced geostatistical components
  • On-site technical evaluations and audits
  • Evaluation and installation of advanced process control using expert systems
  • Development of new and innovative technologies for complex ore processing
  • Integrated analytical and mineralogical support
  • Generation of engineering data for plant design purposes
  • Process design/chemical engineering for production facilities
  • Evaluation and stabilization of discharge streams and waste products
  • Environmentally sustainable flowsheets

Fastrack provides you with solid, reliable, reputable, independent solutions:

  • Scoping studies
  • Flowsheet development
  • High Definition Mineralogy
  • Geometallurgy
  • Pilot plants
  • Bulk sample processing and market sample creation
  • Sustainable process development
  • Engineering data generation and modeling
  • Cyanidation technologies
  • Particulate testing

Fastrack’s demonstrated success in metallurgical and process design has provided thousands of companies with effective flowsheets and practical technical solutions to processing problems. From that core of capability, we continue to provide the processing industry with innovative approaches to geometallurgy, process modeling, production forecasting and advanced control systems. Call us today to discover more.

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